Bitumen Spray Seal

Sprayed sealing is the surfacing treatment commonly used in rural areas, and is the most economic type of surfacing for the rural road network. It is also used for specific applications, such as strain alleviating membranes to minimise crack reflection, on all classes of roads.

The main type of sprayed seal is a single layer of binder covered with a single layer of aggregate (single/single seal) used on both new and resurfacing work. On new work the pavement material is usually locally available gravel, often of marginal quality, with better quality crushed rock material used on the more heavily trafficked roads.

Sprayed seal design is the design of rates of application of binder and aggregate spread rates. The continued success of sprayed seals as a surfacing requires care in choosing an appropriate treatment for the conditions, a high standard of preparation of pavements and attention to detail. To successfully select and design a sprayed seal requires a mix of engineering and ‘practical know how’.

The technique of sprayed sealing was adopted in Australia because of its relatively low cost and speed of construction compared to other forms of pavement surfacing, and has been the mainstay of road authorities in Australia to provide a safe, all-weather rural road network.


Roads R Us Pty Ltd supply to the customer specialised bitumen spraying and aggregate laying equipment along with fully trained experienced operators.

Our services cater for private, commercial and industrial sectors including but not limited to highways, town streets, rural roads, driveways, caravan parks and car parks.

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