Project Gallery

Industrial Site (Road Base and Spray Seal)

The below pictures are of an Industrial Site where the works involved filling and compacting drainage trenches and sections that had failed in the existing surface with road base, applying 14mm spray seal to trenches, and then a complete cover with a 10mm spray seal followed by and interlocking layer of 7mm aggregate to provide a surface that will stand up to the heavy turning capabilities of forklifts.

Trench sealing Auto spreader truck
Bitumen sprayer Double coat seal
Road roller Single coat seal
Aggregate spreading
Chip seal

Industrial Site (Asphalt Patches and Overlay)

The below pictures are of an Industrial Site where the works involved cold milling patches, repairing patches with asphalt, correcting existing uneven surface and then completing with an asphalt overlay to provide a smooth finish.

Road preperation Tack coat
Asphalt paver Road repair
Corrector course Asphalt surface

Rural Roads (Spray Seal Patches and Reseal)

The below pictures are of a Rural Road where sections needed bitumen spray seal patching, and then a full Polymer Modified Binder (PMB) Bitumen Reseal was performed.

Power broom Bitumen Tanker


Housing Estate (Prime prior to Asphlt Overlay)

The below pictures are of a new Housing Estate where the works involved sweeping the surface to remove any loose road base, spraying a bituminous product thinned out to allow product to penetrate road base and left for 72 hours to cure. After the curing process the Estate road was completed with an asphalt overlay providing a smooth finish.

Residential estate Bitumen prime
Road Subdivision


Caravan Park (Polymer Modified Binder Reseal)

The below pictures are of a Bitumen Reseal in a Caravan Park. The existing road was at the end of its life with pot holes and bare gravel showing. A suction broom was used to sweep and remove all loose gravel, then a cold mix asphalt was placed in low points and pot holes.

We used a PMB to accommodate the high stresses placed on the surface from sharp turning vehicles, as only limited traffic at low speeds use the below road ways, a heavier application of Binder was incorporated to allow for oxidation due to Queensland’s weather conditions, and a secondary coat of a smaller aggregate was placed to provide a smoother texture on the surface. Expected life of below Reseal is about 20 years.

Caravan park seal Bitumen spray seal
Bitumen chip seal Road surface treatment

Caravan Park (Asphalt Overlay)

The below pictures are of an Asphalt Overlay in the same Caravan Park as the reseal above. The existing road was at the end of its life with pot holes up to 8 inches deep and bare gravel showing in about 30% of the existing roads. A 1 metre profiler was used to edge plan along the kerb to enable a surface that remained around 30mm deep. The surface was then broomed with a skid steer loader fitted with a purpose built power broom to remove all loose debris.

A corrector coat was applied to take out uneven surfaces, and to fill pot holes that would have mirrored through the surface layer if not done. After all corrections were made the surface was tack coated to allow for the Asphalt overlay to bind to the existing.

We used Asphalt in the sections of higher volumes of traffic as the binder in Asphalt is set to a mix design to support higher volumes of traffic than a Bitumen Spray Seal. Expected life of below Asphalt overlay is about 15 years with continued traffic movement.

Flowcon Road Surface Preperation
Road roller and paver Asphalt overlay
Tipping asphalt rolling asphalt
Asphalt clean up Asphalt overlay